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Amazon & Web Selling Master Class

Program Kicking Off Soon

Apply now to join Reap and like-minded entrepreneurs for this exclusive consortium. We aim to support business owners like you by teaching you ways to become a top online seller and how to learn from your competitors’ mistakes.

Learn Why This ONE Product Makes over $675K in Revenue Every Month

We want you to walk away with the tricks of the trade that top sellers are taking advantage of in order to maximize their online sales. Our goal is for your unique products to flourish on the biggest online marketplace.

We Will Teach You The Tools to Help You Find That One Revenue All-Star.

We’re all dealing with changing conditions.

  • Wholesale accounts and retailers are cutting us out and importing products directly.
  • Marketing of our own websites is costly and frequently ineffective.
  • Buyers are turning to Amazon to buy everything, making it impossible to compete digitally.

Through this program, we want to help you make this shift and capitalize this massive opportunity to get in front of hundreds of millions of shoppers, and find the product that will get your brand noticed.

Apply for this exclusive group workshop of like-minded entrepreneurs and digital retailers coming together to share information and build together against the competition and ever-changing conditions of the retail world. You will be learning from a company that built their own e-Commerce business and optimized their own conversions by 950% on the way to building a multi-million dollar business. 

On-Site Sales Optimization

With over a decade of helping online sellers of all sizes get the most out of their web traffic, we’re sharing what we’ve found to be the most impactful tips to apply to your online store. We’ve already done the heavy lifting and tested with other sellers, so you can learn from our experience. 

Amazon Management Assistance

We’re proud to have helped several businesses carve a new path to success by expanding into Amazon, and we want you to be next! Each session, you’ll get training from our team on ways to grow a successful presence. We will also work with you to get started with your account and load up your unique products.

Peer and Mentor Sessions

Our goal is for you to benefit just as much from the social element of these sessions as the educational lessons themselves. This is your chance to get personalized advice from our team of experts, as well as learn from your fellow entrepreneurs who understand your struggles and successes on a personal level.

Level 1 Course

What You'll Learn in this Beginner Incubator Track...

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of successfully setting up your Amazon Seller Account
  • Navigating common obstacles that get in the way of your first sale
  • Research how your competitors are selling successfully on Amazon
  • Overview of the "Amazon Flywheel" that outlines how to accelerate your growth
  • Optimize your products to be seen in Amazon search results
  • Overview of the "Amazon Buy Box" and how to multiple your sales
  • Understand the basics of selling to users via Prime
  • Weigh the benefits of submitting products to the Fulfillment by Amazon program 
  • Continually adjust and optimize your listings
  • Set up and manage ads and campaigns 
  • Calculate your return on investment 
  • Make changes to improve your website's checkout page to get more users through the purchase process
  • Make counter-intuitive changes on your website that you didn't know could be preventing users from buying
  • Fund your Google Ads account and find your Biggest Optimization Opportunity
  • Integrate tools with your QuickBooks (Shopify Plugin, Big Commerce etc)

Each track, join us for four roundtable sessions with creative entrepreneurs like you. We will cover a new topic in every session to help you in a certain aspect of your online selling strategy. Plus, we'll provide bonus content about optimizing your independent online store.

All sessions will also be available by playback online.

Level 2 Course

Looking for something more advanced?

  • Planning for the effects of COVID and other unforeseen factors and pivoting your sales strategy
  • How to investigate and win chargeback disputes
  • Advanced campaigning strategies to implement for your Amazon ads
  • Testing the best shipping offer for your store
  • Producing videos for your page and website that will help you sell
  • Designing and implementing A+ Content on your top product pages 
  • And more!

We also have an Advanced Masterclass for those looking for their next Amazon breakthrough on your already-successful account. Here are the types of things that you’ll learn...


It's Time to Jump on this Huge Opportunity

We know because we've been there: it's HARD to sell online.

Your contributions are more impactful when you are spending your time being an entrepreneur... not messing with web technology.

e-Commerce and digital retailing will always be a moving target, and as a creative your time is best spent on designing the next big product, not fighting with technology.

Since Amazon is gradually edging out other retail competition, let's jump on board and band together to strategize the best ways to sell on line and take advantage of this massive channel with so many shoppers ready to buy at a click of a button.



Active Shoppers

On Amazon

Of Product Searches Start on Amazon (NOT Google!)



Value per Month of Service 

at a Fraction of the Cost

Being Made by Top Sellers 

on ONE Item per Month


Choose Your Way To Pay

All members also receive direct 1-on-1 assistance with optimizing up to 20 SKUs on Amazon from one of Reap's e-Commerce experts, offered as a performance-based compensation program in lieu of our standard minimum agency retainer.








Per Month, Paid Monthly

Per Month, Paid Bi-Monthly

Per Month, Paid Quarterly

$4,000 all-in price

Good Deal - Save $400

$3,600 all-in price

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re adding an additional $1,000 off, giving you 50% off the full price when you pay in advance.

Interested in Amazon Services Without the Training?
Our team also offers fully-managed Amazon services, where we will do the ongoing optimizing on your behalf. 

Let's talk about how our team can help you. 

What an Average Session Looks Like...

Each session will follow this general flow and format: 

  • 1-hour lesson on the designated topic covering Amazon tips and tricks, as well as some notable optimization recommendations for your website
  • 30-minute roundtable discussion with your peers
  • Optional one-on-one sessions made available by our group of mentors

Brought to You By The AgencyThat Consults Monthly with These Brands...

Hosted By...

Brice McBeth

Brice started Reap Commerce in 2009, after beginning his career at IBM as the product manager for the World’s first web analytics software delivered as a service, which eventually became Coremetrics.

After working with clients, though, he became frustrated with the numerous other agencies that weren’t able to produce the results he was really looking for. Recognizing this as the missing piece in the agency world, he founded Reap Commerce, a conversion rate optimization agency for e-Commerce businesses.

You'll Learn From These Veteran Speakers, Coaches & Mentors from Reap Commerce

Ryan Gaffney

Allison Lee

Tiffany Boyle

Amazon Specialist

Web Optimization Specialist

E-Commerce Optimization Specialist

Landen Tillery

Cory Elford

Web Optimization Specialist

Marketing & Branding Specialist

Seeking additional help?

Our team can help you to further optimize your account outside of our sessions, at no additional cost to you, but rather 15% of the revenue off of products sold. That means we're just as motivated for your success as you are. Here's what's included: 

  • Help to create your own Amazon account
  • Assistance with Amazon barcode acquisition
  • Help to create up to 25 product listings at a time
  • Ongoing optimization and Amazon search engine optimization to climb in rankings and get more buyers
  • Amazon Ad Management
  • Monthly Reporting on Performance

"I became familiar with Reap Commerce over this last year when we officed in a community co-working space together and I got to know Brice & many of Reap’s staff. I’m impressed with what they’re able to do for businesses like mine, and some that are much larger. I am able to learn from their experiences with countless, reputable companies and am astonished at how quickly they’ve been able to obtain results for Sonya Renee Jewelry on Amazon.”

Gina Wright, 

Founder, Sonya Renée Jewelry


Where We'll Meet

We'll host the monthly workshops at our office, located at

1920 McKinney Ave #700

Dallas, TX 75201


Due to the social distancing orders currently in place, our in-person sessions will temporarily be a live digital gathering, which will also be available for playback following the session.

Ready to make the most of your online presence?

Hosted by Brice McBeth. Step your online conversions to the next level today, by making sure you sign up for our first track.

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